• Courses are built around real-life problem scenarios for student interest
  • Many of the problems are based on Utah for a personal touch
  • Each problem module has these components
    • Problem presentation
    • Problem analysis
    • Problem content
      • Learning objectives
      • Textbook resources (Calc 2 links to 2 OER textbooks)
      • Content videos
      • Worked example videos
      • Additional learning resources such as demos, interactive figures, etc.
      • Online homework problems (WebAssign for Calc I and MyOpenMath for Calc II (OER integrated into Canvas)
      • Written HW problems to be written out with steps, scanned and submitted in Canvas
      • Problem solution
  • Courses have synchronous reviews and office hours/help in Adobe Connect
  • There are over 600 videos that I made between the 2 courses and if I see areas where there seems to be some confusion or lots of questions about, I make more :)

Here is a short video showing a problem module and explaining the corresponding components