I serve on the Program Committee for the International Conference on Technology in Collegiate Mathematics (ICTCM) and attend their conference annually.  I have received requests from the conference committee the past 3 years to present at their pre-session, at a regular session and a computer workshop.


At the March, 2016 ICTCM conference, I received the honor of being named an ICTCM Fellow.  Fellows are recognized for their sustained effort to use technology for teaching mathematics, and record of research, innovation, command, leadership, contributions and a long-term commitment to the ICTCM environment. “The Fellows recognition honors excellence as well as extraordinary innovation in the use of technology to enhance mathematics instruction. The award recognizes educators who have reached a level of expertise achieved by only a few in this vital area of teaching mathematics,” said Annabel Cellini. Here is a link to more information.


I am a member of AMATYC and love to attend their national conference when I can.  In the past if I didn't have travel funding (used it for ITCTM), I have paid for the flight to the conference and transportation myself so I could attend. 

I have also attended their online webinars on various pedagogical topics.   I am a member of their Innovative Teaching and Learning group and participate via e-mail.


For a complete list of presentations and their powerpoints see my website presentation link.