I took a sabbatical for the 2013-2014 year for problem research and complete building of online Calculus II.  I did extensive reading and studying of all Calculus II materials, particularly OER materials to determine how to best present each topic and utilize learning objects that were available.  I created animated graphics to better show many of the concepts in Calculus II, made 260 videos and encased the course in 14 problem scenarios to motivate learning.  All of this required much studying of Calculus II content to solidify my knowledge of how to develop, derive or prove each concept, theorem  and idea.  While on sabbatical I improved my geometric knowledge :) by making the quilt shown above which I'm displaying to the attendees of my sabbatical report presentation.


I also maintain field knowledge when I attend conferences, training, webinars, MOOCS and read twitter feeds and blogs of many mathematical and educational professionals many of whom I've met at conferences.  I'm also a member of several math related groups on facebook  such as AMATYC, Math Technology Workshop and Center for Worldwide Math.  A few of my Twitter followings:  AMATYC, MAA, ICTCM, Republic of Math, Mathalicious, Edudemic, The Carnival of Math, Lumen Learning, TED Talks


On a college level, I attend professional development days and workshops and have all of my required training/credentials up-to-date.