As my career has evolved, so has my instructional delivery.  While I always knew that active learning was important, it was hard to let go of the traditional lecture classroom since it was efficient in "covering" material.  None of the courses I am currently teaching are traditional lecture.  I teach problem-motivated online courses, tech enhanced courses involving two classroom days and two active lab days and flipped classroom utilizing ideas from Active Calculus.  Students are involved with discovery, learning and teaching.  Please click on each link below to learn more.

Past Instructional Delivery Experiences

Over the past several years I've taught Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus, Linear Algebra & Differential Equations and Differential Equations.  Besides teaching in a traditional format, I built online Math 1010, Math 1050, Math 1060 Math 1210 and Math 1220 courses creating many learning resources.  Many of these ideas and resources are still  in use by other faculty, though I'm not currently teaching most of these courses.  One key example is the use of discussion boards in online classes.  This was something I initially struggled with but as I talked to colleagues at conferences and researched ideas online, I went from being hesitant to whole-heartedly incorporating them and then sharing my ideas with colleagues at SLCC and also across the U.S. with a couple of conference presentations on the topic.  Here are descriptions of several innovative courses I've developed and taught.