After attending a presentation by a group of faculty from Grand Valley State University in Michigan on Active Calculus, I knew I wanted to incorporate this idea into my calculus courses.  In addition I'd already made concept videos for online calculus, so combining these ideas (as well as getting material and ideas from Suzanne Mozdy who utilized these in her class), I started teaching a flipped classroom active Calculus I course Fall 2014.  Then Spring 2015 I expanded this idea to Calculus II.

This course includes:

  • concept videos students watch before class
  • MyOpenMath questions embedded in Canvas for refresher on algebra, trig and other pre-requisite skills utilized in solving the calculus problems for a topic
  • class activities for discovery, reinforcement and conceptual connections utilizing both OER Active Calculus and some of my own design
  • weekly reflections to incorporate reflective writing skills
  • class time discussion, discovery and working of harder problems
  • student interaction, learning, sharing and teaching