Serving....the student community, the math community and the teaching community

When I learned about "open educational resources", I totally connected with this movement because I've always had the philosophy that if I've spent time building something that can help educators, I'd love other educators to be able to use it.  I've shared many PowerPoint Presentations, videos, and activities I've created over the years with fellow colleagues, both in the department and elsewhere, and students, both my own and others.  I've presented at many conferences and given links to my materials as well.


The college informed me that they were no longer providing server space for faculty and also that the server that housed many of my videos would also be taken off-line.  I have many faculty that linked to these websites and so I've been in the process of making a new website to house these materials as well as moving my videos to YouTube.  

I attended a math technology course and one of the topics was "web presence".  We were told to google our names to see what our web presence was.  I was very surprised at how many references and re-posts were out there of the PowerPoint tutorials I created for Math 1050 and Math 1060 topics.  Over the years I've heard from many faculty around the world (one that contacted me was in Austrailia and one in the UK) and I always tell them I am happy to share my work for educational purposes.  Below is some of what I found when I googled "Shawna Haider powerpoint".  I'm honored to have contributed to math education in so many places. It makes all of the hours spent worth it!