Learning from sessions at conferences on active learning, I now manage my classes differently to facilitate the students interacting more with each other.  I also must manage their learning and time spent to keep on track to enable us to cover all of the material required.  I facilitate group work and come up with various ways to manage the groups so students are not always interacting with the same people, but have the opportunity to work with others in the class at various times.  

My work with the Math Accessibility Working Group has opened my eyes to some of the issues students face and as a result, my courses are much more accessible.  I've built extensive Canvas sites where I post the syllabus, schedule, homework, course objectives, test reviews, projects and any other things that I handout in class as well as other helpful links. This site is very organized and students know what to expect and where to get any course materials they may need. 

I give students timely feedback on assignments and tests both on papers turned and via Speed Grader and a tablet when electronic.  I make student tests a priority and return them the following class period because I remember what it was like as a student waiting for a test. I always turn in grades at the end of the semester by the due date. I have set, published office hours where students can come meet with me and also see students by appointment and virtually via Adobe Connect in Canvas.  I communicate with students via Canvas and always respond promptly to their e-mails.  

My classroom management has been influenced over the years as I've learned the importance of pacing and deadlines.  Students do not learn well nor retain math when crammed so both in online and live classes, I have a strong structure and manage them to keep students on a good, even pace for learning and retention as evidenced in studies on this topic.